Our mission

Since 2020, EatASquirrel.com has been promoting the squirrel as a food resource that is healthy, organic, sustainable, and free. Whether you have never considered squirrels as food, or are a seasoned squirrelivore, EatASquirrel has something for you!

We are also on Twitter at @eatasquirrel, and YouTube as EatASquirrel.

Our history

It started in the summer of 2020, after I got some nice outdoor chairs for my place. The very next day, there was a huge tear in the seat cushions and some of the stuffing had gone missing. At first I suspected the neighbor’s cats, but soon found out it was the work of the neighborhood squirrels. I set up a trap for catch and release, but only caught one squirrel in the next three weeks. From this first catch, I learned that squirrels could be consumed by humans, and ate my first squirrel a month later. For the next five months through the end of 2020, I successfully trapped over 50 squirrels, and completely replaced all of my non-vegetarian home cooking with squirrel meat. And boy, did it taste good!

The content on this website comes from hundreds of hours of research and personal experience. Squirrel meat is the perfect meat because it is healthy, organic, sustainable, and free. I hope that you too can partake in this unique experience that can change not only your diet, but your life.

Disclaimer: Always check your local laws before gathering wildlife for consumption. Trapping, hunting, and/or killing of certain animals may not be permitted in all jurisdictions. EatASquirrel.com is not responsible for any legal repercussions resulting from your use of this website.

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