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To promote the squirrel as a food resource that is healthy, organic, sustainable, and free


Look around in your backyard. Look around in your local park. Look around in the woods. Chances are you’ve seen a squirrel.

Photo Credit: Ryan Hyde, Unsplash.com

The squirrel — an animal that needs no introduction. With over 200 species worldwide, they are found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica.

The overwhelming majority of people are unaware that these squirrels are more than just cute furry creatures, they are one of the best sources of food in the wild!

Squirrels are healthy

Thanks to their mostly nut based diet, squirrel meat contains more protein ounce for ounce than beef or chicken. In addition, squirrel is also a good source of iron, niacin, and vitamin B6(1).

The creatures themselves also stay healthy for most of their lives, avoiding poisons thanks to their superb sense of smell(4). It is rare to find a diseased squirrel and thus, squirrels are largely safe to eat as-is.

Squirrels are organic

And truly organic(3)! They are not farmed, but born. They are not constrained by fences, but only by the natural environment. And, they are raised by their mothers and not by machines. It doesn’t get more organic than a fresh squirrel plucked live from a trap!

Squirrels are sustainable

These creatures are highly successful in urban and wild environments, and reproduce very quickly with the mothers giving birth to litters of 3-8 young. There is literally no carbon footprint when hunting or trapping squirrels, unlike farms which require tons of natural resources. Squirrels have provided sustenance to humans for thousands of years, from Native Americans to Queen Victoria of Britain(2).

Squirrels are free

Meat prices in the supermarket vary, but one thing is for certain. Squirrel meat itself will always cost nothing when you catch it yourself. All you need is the right equipment to catch, clean, and cook a squirrel. With the proper setup and an abundant squirrel population, squirrel will make its way to the dinner table for many years to come.

How can I get started catching squirrels?

It is very easy to catch, clean, and cook your first squirrel! Check out our guide Field to Fork 101 and you could be having squirrel for dinner in no time!

Disclaimer: Always check your local laws before gathering wildlife for consumption. Trapping, hunting, and/or killing of certain animals may not be permitted in all jurisdictions. EatASquirrel.com is not responsible for any legal repercussions resulting from your use of this website.

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