Is it legal to trap and/or kill squirrels?

Legality varies depending country, state, and local laws. In the city of Seattle, the city allows residents to trap and kill squirrels if they are causing property damage or physical harm to the residents.

Some species of squirrels are classified as protected or endangered species and cannot be hunted, trapped, or killed. Always check with your local laws and wildlife department before killing a squirrel.

It is very easy to set up a trap, but also very important that you use the right trap.

Is it safe to eat?

Most squirrel meat is safe as squirrels generally avoid poisons. There are ways of checking if a squirrel is safe to eat.

Though a delicacy in some locales, we advise against eating squirrel brains, as their consumption can cause a fatal, incurable neurodegenerative disorder in humans.

Isn’t it cruel?

Squirrels, being near the bottom of the food chain, will more often than not be eaten or killed rather than die of natural causes. Fortunately, humans are capable of dispatching squirrels more humanely than just about any other predator on Earth.

As long as the animal is trapped and killed in a humane manner, there is nothing cruel about eating squirrels. See the EatASquirrel guide to dispatching squirrels for humane methods of killing squirrels for consumption.

Are squirrels pests?

The short answer is – yes. The longer answer is, they are capable of causing damage to trees, gardens, your car, and even your home. For the long answer, I recommend to read this article.

Why should I eat squirrels?

Squirrels are a great food resource for four main reasons:

  • They are healthy
  • They are organic
  • They are sustainable
  • They are free

In addition, hunting and trapping squirrels can reduce the pest population in cases where squirrels have caused damage to human property.

Read more about why you should eat squirrels in our mission statement.