EatASquirrel to introduce new policies regarding content

EatASquirrel’s mission is to promote the squirrel as a food resource that is healthy, organic, sustainable, and free. We started in October of 2020 with our website, and since then have grown to Twitter and YouTube. As our audience has grown, so has the need for clear guidelines regarding our own content.

To that end, we have created an extensive internal policy against which we will check any content intended to be published to our online presence. This policy will also apply retroactively. We have already deleted a number of tweets that violate our policy, and will continue to perform periodic audits on all of our existing content.

In summary, our policies:

  • reaffirm our stance against animal abuse, and our position that the humane dispatch and consumption of squirrels does not constitute animal abuse
  • ensure that no content is published that harasses, threatens, or encourages physical harm against an individual, individuals, or an organization
  • ensure that no content harasses, threatens, or suggests the consumption of squirrels owned or in the care of an individual, individuals, or an organization
  • ensure that we do not promote content not created by us, that violates our own policies
  • ensure that all our content is in compliance with local laws and does not encourage non-compliance with government laws regarding animal hunting, trapping, killing, welfare, safety, or abuse
  • encourage readers to familiarize themselves with their local laws, wherever content promotes actions that may not be legal in all jurisdictions

We strive to be a trusted resource for both new and seasoned squirrelivores, and value your readership.

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