The many benefits of eating squirrels

It’s delicious

Squirrels are widely known in the hunting community as one of the most delicious small game animals. Their meat is not too tough and not too gamey. They are easy to skin and can serve as a valuable learning tool for children who want to learn hunting and survival skills.

It’s easy to cook

The easiest recipe simply involves seasoning the squirrel and grilling it over the barbecue. This is the quickest way to enjoy a fresh kill.

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It’s nutritious

Pound for pound, squirrel meat packs more protein than beef or chicken.

It’s free

If you live in an urban area, chances are there are squirrels all around you. With prices of supermarket meat rising, squirrel meat is an economical alternative as long as you know how to do it and as long as it’s within your local laws.

It’s organic

Squirrels by their very nature are an organic food source. Compare them to the meat that you buy at the supermarket:

Squirrel meatSupermarket meat
Born wildBorn in captivity
Raised wildRaised in captivity
Roam wildNo space to roam
Eat wildFed in captivity, a diet ranging from garbage to decent
Dispatched humanelyQuestionable methods of killing
Few widespread problems with tainted meatMany meat recalls historically

There’s no question that squirrel meat is a more ethical, humane source of meat than what you buy at the supermarket.

It’s sustainable

It’s a learning experience

Since squirrel meat can’t be often bought in a grocery store, you are responsible for dispatching, skinning, and field-dressing a squirrel for the table. This process will teach you a great deal about a squirrel’s biology, behaviors, and physiological systems.

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