Squirrel products

Besides squirrel meat, you can use all parts of a squirrel to your own liking. Here is some inspiration


Squirrel skulls are a popular way to preserve part of the animal. As squirrel heads are not generally eaten, they often go to waste but this doesn’t have to be the case.

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For fishing, squirrel tails provide the best hair, according to Mepps. In fact, Mepps will buy your tails for a few cents apiece.

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Full skeletons often sell for hundreds of dollars and are very laborious and time consuming to extract, assemble, and articulate.


Taxidermy is an art that requires considerable skill and should not be performed by a beginner amateur. However, the results can be quite stunning and lifelike.


Squirrel pelt can be used to make pouches, wallets, and other small trinkets.

How to tan a squirrel pelt.


The paws and feet of a squirrel, which are usually cut from the body before skinning, can be dried in salt or borax and made into earrings, necklaces, or other decorative items.